Along with a subject-area expert, teams will embark on a 24 hour playwriting journey to explore one of the topics below.

How it Works

Play 4 Change is a 24 hour playwriting competition where teams will write and perform a play based on a topic of local or global significance.

WHEN & WHERE: 4:00pm on Saturday, September 22nd- 10pm on Sunday, September 23rd at Dorothy Somerset Studios located on UBC's Point Grey Campus. It's up to you and your team whether or not you want to spend your full 24 hours perfecting your performance or spend the night sprawled out with a sleeping bag on the theatre floor. All we ask is that all ideation of the plays be done on-site.

REGISTRATION: Registration ends on September 15th at 11:59pm. Registration may close earlier if the maximum capacity of 56 participants or 8 teams is reached.

WHO: Participants of all experience levels and ages are welcome to join. Short workshops are integrated into the event to make sure everyone is on the same page.

TEAMS: Each team must be composed of 4-7 people.

TEAM FORMATION: If you would like register with a pre-formed team, please fill in the Group section in the eventbrite registration page (Note: each team member must buy a ticket). If you don't have a team when signing up, not to worry! Registered individuals will be added to a Facebook group where you'll get the chance to meet other participants, chat, and form your own teams. P4C reserves the right to modify teams accordingly to ensure that all participants are placed in a team by September 15th at 11:59pm.

MENTORS & ASSIGNED TOPICS: During the first day of the event, each team will be randomly assigned 1 of 6 topics (listed above) which their play should explore and be centred around. Each team will be paired with a Topic Mentor from the Vancouver community who is knowledgeable and actively involved in the respective field. They will guide you during the first night of the competition to develop a more nuanced understanding of the topic. On the second day, each team will be assigned a theatre element which they must integrate into their play. Each team will be paired with a respective Surprise Element Mentor who will work with them for 1 hour to perfect their element and its integration.

RULES: The final play can be a maximum of 15 minutes in length and must be centred around the team's given topic. Final scripts are due at 4pm on Sunday September 26th. Only P4C props, theatre elements, and sound effects may be used, however each team will have access to their Topic Mentor for the first night, their Surprise Element Mentor for 1 hour on the second day, and internet for the entire event. It is highly recommended that participants bring their own devices, such as laptops. Overall, teams are given full creative control for their piece. A detailed judging rubric will be released on September 25th.

FOOD & SLEEP: priority #1 and #2! Included in your ticket are meals for both days (1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch) Participants may also bring sleeping bags, pillows, and toiletries to the event.

The Hunger Games

POWER UP & POWER DOWN: Beware. Similar to the barriers organizations face when proposing real policy, teams will be able to "power up" or "power down" themselves or other teams for a price. Each team will be given $30 in FREE tokens at the start of the event, and may purchase more tokens onsite (prices range from $5- $15, cash or e-transfer accepted).

SURPRISE ELEMENTS: On the second day of the event, each team will be randomly given a theatre element which they must integrate into their play. There are 5 different Surprise Elements. Rumour has it a certain Power Up will allow you to switch your surprise element with a team of your choice.

PROPS: On the second day teams will be given access to props. A list will be provided before The Prop Room is unlocked however make sure you proceed with caution, props are first come, first serve.... and there will be blood.

P4C Final Performance

A little stage shy? No worries - come out to watch the final performances instead! Admission to the P4C Final Performance is by donation. We aim to make this event accessible to everyone and appreciate any form of support, whether it is through your attendance, monetary means, or both. Recommended donation: $10

Questions? Get in touch with us at

Let the Show begin!

Perform. Volunteer. Watch

Spotlight magnet? Behind the scenes superhero? Theatre connoisseur?


Have a passion for the story-telling, acting, and learning about some of the most pressing issues of our time? Then this event is for you. Whether you're a long time acting veteran or just starting out, P4C is open to everyone.
Register here.


Are you a tech-guru? photographer? Or just want In on the behind the scenes happenings? Come and help us make this an event to remember!
Click here to learn more about the P4C Core Volunteer Team.


Enjoy local theatre and learn about a important social/environmental issue? Sounds like you'll hit 2 birds with one stone for this one! So spread the word, rave about us to your friends (and enemies too!), and most importantly- take Sunday night off to enjoy the show!

Purchase a Live Ad Package

As part of the Hunger Games format of the event, we offer businesses, non-profits, family and friends special Live Ad Packages.

Package 1 ($50): Name and/or short mission statement will be integrated into a play of your choice
Package 2 ($75): A sentence of your choosing (must be pre-approved by P4C) will be said by a team/actor of your choice
Package 3 ($150): Your product/campaign will be integrated into a play of your choice

If you would like to purchase a Live Ad package, please email with details about yourself, your organization if applicable, and which package you would like to purchase. Include all relevant information for your prefered package. Note that Live Ads are first come, first serve, with a limit of 2 Live Ads per team.